Presentation Night Winners

Bomere Heath CC


Cup Winners

Thank you for all who came to the Presentation Night.  A good night was had by all!

1st XI Batting Cup

Travis Keys

1st XI Bowling Cup ~ 1st X1 Batting Cup [Bert Smith Memorial Cup]

Travis Keys

1st X1 Bowling Cup [Dave Bunting Cup]

Chris Stevens

1st X1 Captains Cup

Carolyn Nudds

Norman Williams Memorial Cup (Ist XI Most Improved Player)

Adam Vanner

2nd X1 Batting Cup

Paul Bolland

2nd X1 Bowling Cup

Kenny James

Derek Arthan Cup [2nd X1 Captains Cup]

Ian Humphries

The Joe Perry Memorial Cup [2nd X1 Most Improved Player]

Steve Tomkins

3rd XI Batting Cup

Matt Jones Snr

3rd XI Bowling Cup

Darren Nudds

3rd XI Captain’s Cup

The Third Team

3rd XI Most Improved Player

George Barratt

The Chairman’s Trophy

Darren Nudds

Midweek League Ist XI Batting Cup

Rob Dean

Midweek League Ist XI Bowling Cup

Tom Ellis

Midweek League 2nd XI Batting Cup

Ben Cox

Midweek League 2nd XI Bowling Cup

Ben Cox

50th Anniversary Plate

Travis Keys

The Iain Hughes Memorial Cup

Kenny James

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