AGM 2013

The AGM for the cricket club takes place on Monday 10th December at 7.30 in the clubhouse.


The countdown timer on the Right Hand side of each page tells you how long you’ve got before members have to make their nominations and decisions for the club in 2013. Currently standing at 25 days to go!


If you would like to stand for any of the positions on the committee within the club (Chairman, Treasurer, Secretary, Captains etc.) you must do so IN WRITING to the Chairman at least 2 weeks prior to the AGM; before 26th November 2012. Any changes put forward to be made to the constitution must be made before the same date.


The AGM is open to the general public, however, voting is confined to club and honorary members; non-voting members include non-playing members and junior members, their parents, carers or guardians. We are keen that anyone interested in the club should attend the AGM; it is one of the only times the club has a chance to discuss topics with a good number of members and others present.


Please make a note in your diaries as we need as many people to attend as possible. Please also spread the word to all members and future members of BHCC in case they don’t know!

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